In a shocking incident, a 11-year-old girl died due to exorcism performed on her. The irony is that the act was performed by her mother, father and maternal aunt who were trying to heal her constipation problem.

The incident happened at Manwelpada, Virar East, Mumbai where the girl was staying with her parents. She started suffering from constipation from December 15. Instead of taking her to a proper hospital, her mother who calls herself a ‘messenger of God’, convinced her father that she could actually cure the child. On December 17 the mother called her sister to help her perform the superstitious ritual on the poor girl, reported Midday.

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Both the mother and her sister were claiming her to be possessed and started the horrific act on the girl. They poured the turmeric and vermilion on the girl’s body and the mother sat on the girl’s stomach. They crossed every line when the aunt inserted her hand into her mouth and private parts in order to remove bad things from her stomach. The poor girl was couldn’t bear the pain and started shouting for help as she couldn’t escape all this. The father and her 14-year-old brother came to stop the ritual but the mother slapped them and sent them away.

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When the daughter got unconscious, the mother got afraid and called the family members. The father immediately took the child to the local hospital but it was too late for the kid. She was declared dead by the doctors at the hospital.

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The girl’s uncle informed the police once he heard what happened to his niece. The neighbors also told police about the girl screaming at the night. Police found several external injury marks on her chest, throat, hands and private parts after the autopsy. Police have registered a murder case and arrested the father, mother, and maternal aunt.

The best way to really strike the root of this horrific unnecessary deadly problem and eliminate it permanently is to educate the  misguided people who still believe in these foolish and dangerous practices.

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