Time and again it has been an issue and problem for the whole of the country to somehow control and swipe away the problems of molestations, rape and other crimes and offences, however hardly anything has been grabbed yet.
Yet again, one 11-year-old minor rape-survivor, who is herself a child gave birth to a child who is born paralysed. The baby girl, who was born on March 17 at the Civil hospital in Rajkot, was shifted to Ahmedabad because of a congenital defect called spina bifida, a condition in which the spine and spinal cord fail to develop properly, leaving one paralysed and fighting for life.


It was reported that she was raped by six people over the course of eight or nine months. She was living with her maternal grandmother as her father was mentally ill and mother used to go out and earn for the family.

“We don’t want the baby because my granddaughter is a child. My daughter just called me to say my granddaughter is in pain because of the stitches on her stomach. If we accept the child, it will ruin my granddaughter’s life,” she says, breaking down in tears.
Since her birth, she has been in constant watch of 23-year-old and 22-year-old police constables Sona Ranjit and Sejal Parmar who have named her Devi. They are hopeful that she should soon be adopted by a family as her own family is not ready to accept her. They have been asked to bring the child back to Rajkot, only after that decisions must be taken.


“Besides genetic factors, an inadequate diet before and during pregnancy is also responsible for this defect. According to reports, this baby was born at around eight months and she is around one-and-a-half kg, which is healthy. It’s just that from the spine down, her case is critical,” Dr Rakesh Joshi, who heads the Department of Paediatric Surgery says.

Police have said five of the six accused – Manji Javiya (67), Aravind Kubavat (52), Vijanand Maiyad (47), Vipul Chavda (40) and Govind Sakariya (60) – were in judicial custody. The sixth accused, a 17-year-old, is in a juvenile detention facility.

Doctors have informed that the chances of survival of baby are very less and the two cops taking care of her are visibly sad and don’t know how to react.

It is difficult to put opinions in such cases and what fate brings can be worse than we expect. We hope that a clear decision is taken, the rapists are punished and the 11-year-old child recovers soon.

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