M.P: 11-yr old girl with IQ of 150 takes Class 12 exam, aspires to join IFS

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“Why does Zeus send prodigies to earth? For the same reason, he makes a comet streak across the sky. To show not what has been done, but what can be.” Steven Pressfield said while describing Alexander The Great. Centuries later, the line holds just as true for an 11-year old prodigy from Madhya Pradesh, with a brilliant unique mind that has bewildered everyone.

Since three years of age when Krishna Gupta learned to read and write, only pertinacious blandishment with efficacious arguments could convince her. If she was tried to be convinced through baby talk or an unreasonable demand thrust on her — she would simply disregard.

A resident of Lonara village in Khargone district, Krishna took the Class 12 open board examination, of Accounting, aged just 11, among the youngest to ever take a senior secondary examination in the State. Other students could only stare at her in stupefaction when this girl barely their knee’s height walked inside the exam centre accompanied by her father Akhilesh Gupta, to appear for the class 12 board exams.

Akhilesh said his daughter exhibited signs of a gifted mind from a very young age, which attracted attention from the Daly College in Indore and other such institutions, who offered to further her education and ensure a secure and well-guided future for her.

However, noticing Krishna’s talents and abilities in academics her family wanted to home-school Krishna during her initial foundation building years and will consider the offers once she is ready for higher education that would require finer guidance.

Home Minister Narottam Mishra on August 19 lauded her eligibility for the examination. “At the age of just 11 years and 10 months, you proved that talent is not a requirement of any circumstance by getting the eligibility for the 12th-grade examination from the Open School Board. May the blessings of mother Pitambara and Saraswati always be on you,” he wrote on Twitter.

A psychometric test Krishna took in 2014 puts her intelligence quotient at nearly 150, classified as ‘very superior’, according to a report of Choithram Hospital, Indore. The psychologist advised she needed a structured and challenging environment where her “intelligence can be put to proper use”. Because of the “superior intelligence”, she doesn’t find routine and mundane activities interesting and challenging and thus gets bored. This was what drove her to take on challenging problems far beyond her prescribed academic syllabus and she excelled in all of them. Driven by ambition from an early age, Krishna aims to make a career in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS). With an intellect that matches the levels of Einstein, only the sky is the limit for her. We hope one day, she reaches it.
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