As we are too engaged waiting for and updating ourselves with proceedings of upcoming general body elections and ICC World Cup, there is a sad news to draw our attention towards the ongoing board exams.

The news hails from Sikar, Rajasthan. A 17 YO meritorious student named Kumawat jumped off the 6th floor of a building because he was unable to answer 5 physics questions of his class XII board exams. To see his dead body lying right outside the examination centre in a pool of blood sent waves of fear and anxiety among the locals.

Saurabh Tiwari, DSP, Sikar with his team immediately rushed to the spot and found a permission letter in his pocket. The story behind the unfortunate suicide that the police dug out, was indeed heartbreaking. Kumawat is a student of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) board and pursuing science-maths (PCM) stream.

He had his physics paper on Monday from 8:30am to. 11:45am. 10 minutes to the ringing of the finishing bell and he realised that he had not noticed 5 questions till then because the pages of his question paper were sticking to each other tightly. He asked the invigilator for some extra time, all panicked. He was granted 5 minutes that weren’t enough to answer the 5 questions.

Already tensed about physics paper, this added up to Kumawat’s frustration. After coming out of examination hall, his friends tried to cheer him up but nothing could uplift his mood and he spontaneously came up with the decision to kill himself.

Police says he’s a meritorious student and has scored 87% in his 10th boards. His family, who stays in Chandpura has been informed and would soon be handed over the body after due post-mortem examinations.

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He ‘could’ answer the questions. That he couldn’t answer them, was mere bad luck and neither a hammer stroke on his intelligence nor a question mark on his hardwork. Our students are taking exams ‘too’ seriously. May be, they need someone to tell them that exams bring degrees and not really decide anyone’s worth. And that, with a less score you can still make it big in life!

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