Only when words are penned down to touch the hearts and stir the souls , a poetry is born and a poet too.
Faraz, whose words are enough to melt the toughest.
Faraz, whose words can shake the strongest.
Faraz whose shayari can evoke the weakest

Ahmad Faraz being born on Jan 12/1931 in Kohat, is one most popular Urdu poets in the history. His real name was Syed Ahmad Shah and he used “Faraz’ as his pen name.
During his progressive years as a poet, he considered Faiz Ahmad Faiz as his role model.
Ahmad Faraz’s Shayari has been translated into languages like English, Spanish, Russian and french.

We bring you some of all time best couplets of Faraz . Sit back and enjoy the brilliance !

Design : Rishabh

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