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Meet 14 years old Harshwardhan Zala who has signed an MOU (Memorandum of understanding) worth Rs 5 crore, with Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat, at the Gujarat Global Summit.

Zala has designed a drone which can help in detecting and defusing land mines on war fields. Harshwardhan Zala, who is a student of class 10, started working on the prototype of the landmine-detecting drone last year after reading in newspapers about high army casualties due to landmines.

“I first created a land mine detecting robot but realized that since the weight is heavy it would cause a blast and damage it so I thought of creating a drone which will be at a safe distance while detecting the mines,” said Harshwardhan.

Explaining about its working he said,”The drone has been equipped with infrared, RGB sensor and thermal meter along with a 21-megapixel camera that can take high-resolution pictures as well.” The drone is designed to send out waves that cover eight sq mt area while flying two feet above the surface; these waves are able to detect land mines and send their location to the base location.

“The drone also carries a bomb weighing 50 gram that can be used to destroy the landmine,” added Zala.

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Till now Zala has made three prototypes of drone, out of which two costing worth Rs. Two lakh was financed by his parents and the third one costing Rs. Three lakh was sponsored by the state. His father Pradhyumansinh Zala is an accountant with a plastic company in Naroda while his mother Nishaba Zala is a homemaker. Zala said that he has always received support from his parents and teachers in the entire process, which made him more determined and focussed towards his goal.

He has already registered for a patent and has set up his own company ‘Aerobatics’. Zala will be informing the investors about the MoU, whom he had met during his visit to Google headquarters in US and is confident that they will be ready to invest in his company.

We wish this child genius all the success for his future endeavors!

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