21st April 2018. After a long wait and really hectic debates, Government declared death penalty for child rapists. Adding to the satire, we have a group of activists who’re opposing even this law. However, today something more alarming is going to bother us. The same day, when within the closed walls the law stating every necessary amendment in the existing POCSO act was being passed a 14 YO minor girl was being gang-raped in the remotes of Haryana.

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On Saturday, when the girl was sleeping alone in her house situated in a village of Yamunagar, she was abducted by four men, taken to a secluded place and gang-raped. She came back home and narrated the horror to her parents who then lodged the complaint in the nearest police station on Saturday night.

A case under the relevant sections of the IPC and POCSO Act has been registered against the accused, police said on Sunday, adding that during the investigation, it was revealed that accused were from Jathlana and Mohri villages.

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Similarly, the same day in Cuttack, Odisha a 6 YO girl studying in class 1 was lured by a 25 YO man with the promise of giving her chocolates and then after she was raped by him. He strangulated her and smashed her face against the wall. The little life couldn’t bear this and has passed into coma.

Police have filed a case under modified POCSO rule and the state health minister has promised to pay off all her hospital bills.

We had shouted a lot during kathua rape case and are currently aestivating. Another rape case can’t move a candle holding caravan to roads. There is nothing special about this case that would kick awaken our consciences. But look at the irony that everything on the very day that the legendary law was passed.

Each time India witnesses a high-profile rape case, placards on roads and posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter demand death penalty, beheading, lynching and what not for the rapist. Now when Government is up to the same, few activists have come up with a new and ridiculous argument against it. They say, in India the rapists of minors are mostly their own family members and relatives. So if the death penalty will be the punishment, many cases will go unreported.


In short, the death penalty or whatever other punishment for the crime, criminals won’t cease to exist. Have we failed so badly as a society that even the fear of death won’t overpower the sexual lust of a monster?

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