Amid the numerous negative news of sexual violence against women that have covered today’s newspapers, finally here is a news which gives us a ray of hope. Haryana, a state which has remained notorious for its low sex ratio has claimed to have logged the highest ever sex ratio of 914 girls against 1000 boys in 2017.This is a clear improvement over 900 in 2016 and 876 in 2015.

As per a TOI report, which referred to a data released by govt, out of the 5,09,290 children born in the state from January to December 2017, there were 2,66,064 boys and 2,43,226 girls which reflects an an improvement of SRB(Sex Ratio at Birth), which jumped from 871 to 914, an increase of 43 points.

17 districts of the state have achieved an SRB of 900 or more, with Panipat topping the list with an SRB of 945 and none of the districts have a sex ratio of 880.

The improvement in sex ratio is being attributed to state govt’s campaign against those involved in female foeticide. The govt authorities also told that around 550 FIRs were registered against the offenders of sex determination and other least pregnancy techniques.

Coming from a state which is notorious for its sex ratio this is certainly a news to be cherished, as an overall growth in the sex ratio surely reflects that people are no more considering the daughters a burden, atleast that’s what we can interpret from the data.

ht : TOI

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