The Indian Army has forever been known for its courage and valor. They have sacrificed everything for us from their comforts to their lives without asking for anything in return.

We shall never have words enough to express how we feel after we go through these quotes. Just respect them, support them. The next time you see a soldier offer them a seat if you can. Talk with them. Feel what he feels. Know the same rush of patriotism. Respect him for what he is, what he does and what he gets. For this is what he needs amidst all the odds, your support, support of the countrymen.

Here is a compilation of a few quotes which totally describe the courage, killer attitude and way of life of our Indian army soldiers.

1 . You have been warned


2. Because we share a special relationship with Pakistan !

3. Ek Goli Ek Dushman

4. Drink and kill! That’s it

5. Thanks for always being there Indian Army.

6. The last option !

7. Just sending some lovely gifts to Pakistan !

8. Be afraid ! Very Very afraid !

9. Defining who we are !

10. Not afraid to sacrifice our lives for the motherland!

11. Because we have a special corner for Pakistan in our hearts !

12. Need we say anymore?

13.  Jai Maha Kali, Ayo Gorkhali (Hail Goddess Kali, The Gorkhas are here)

14. Nothing is Impossible!

15. Late Captain Vikram Batra, who was martyred in the Kargil often told his mother this when she asked him if he was safe

We feel proud to share our motherland with you people! Thanks for keeping us safe Indian Army!

all images source: quora

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