If India is democratic, then why not our society? When constitution allows freedom of speech, then why not the natives? It’s not a different day when a person is threatened with raising his opinions publically. Lakshmi, a class 10th student is the sister of Navami Ramachandran, a 19-year-old college girl from Mallappaly in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district. She was being physically abused because her sister protested against periods as a taboo and the practice of not letting girls in during her menstrual days inside the temples on facebook.

Navami is a committee member of SFI and shared a post on February 16 which read “A room should be built outside the temple for the goddess to sit on menstruation days.”On Monday when Lakshmi returned from school, two bikers came and allegedly threatened her, asking her sister not to misbehave.

They both wore jackets and helmet so that no one could identify them. One of them tried to hit me too, but I was able to dodge him. They threatened me saying, ask your sister to behave well. They said we’ll be finished if we didn’t keep quiet,” Lakshmi told to The News Minute.

Lakshmi was physically assaulted on Wednesday again when she stepped outside her house to buy milk at around 7.50 am. “It happened in the middle of a rubber plantation. There was no one nearby, and the two men on the bike had stopped there as if they were waiting for me. One of them hit me and I fell. I was afraid that if I got up, they would attack me using some weapons,” Lakshmi says as being reported.

Navami is also being continuously targeted for raising her voices against illogical menstrual practices on social media as well. There are several comments which would have surely hurt the sentiments of an Indian as she was being questioned if she was a Pakistani. Her actions were claimed to portray her father’s ‘characters’ which is equal to judge the parenting of their child. A comment also read, “Who are you to change Hindu traditions and customs? Why do you find flaws in Hindu religion only?”

“Most of the comments for the post were from fake IDs while only one or two IDs were original,” Navami reported.

Navami and her friend Shyama, who was also bullied for the same reason lodged a complaint in Thiruvalla police station. Connecting the dots of all the incidents, Navami believes that the attacks are being closely related to Sangh Parivar as her mother being Mallappally branch committee secretary of CPI(M) and her father is a former member of the party.

She responded fiercely to the attacks on facebook on Tuesday which read, “If I connect the incidents together, there is no doubt that the RSS is behind this. If anyone believes that we can be confined within homes with all these threats, they are wrong. You continue your attack. But don’t think that we are afraid of all this. We will continue like this.”

Navami and her family surely inspires many people around them. Everybody is capable of forming their own point of views but very few possess the guts to voice them and accept them even after the threats. Its not the ideologies of people, but the fear to express those publically is stopping them that could shape the society in a better way.

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