There have been many movies and television soaps revolving around the main plot of a brother in law marrying his Bhabhi after his brother’s death.The thing is better left to movies, it is weird imagining such relationships in reality.

In a similar incident, a minor boy was married off to his own sister in law in Bihar’s Gaya district.What breaks our heart is the fact that the boy was a minor and was forced to marry her under parental pressure, soon after the marriage he committed suicide.


According to a Hindustan Times report, the 15-year-old student Mahadev Das who was a student of Class 9 was forced to marry to Ruby Devi, his late brother’s wife who is also a mother of two. Shortly after the wedding rituals were completed at the village temple in the presence of 10 people, they were made to sign a draft to validate the marriage.

Mahadev left for his home immediately after the rituals that concluded at 5 pm and hanged himself with a towel at 7 pm, the police added. He was not happy being married to a woman who took care of him like her own children.

The father of the boy revealed that his elder son used to work as an electrician with a private firm at Gaya. After he died from electrocution, the company offered ₹80,000 as compensation and it was the money that was the real reason behind the fiasco.


The boy’s father told, “My daughter-in-law and her parents were mounting pressure on me to transfer the amount to the account of Ruby.I had already deposited Rs 27,000 in her account and assured her parents to transfer the remaining amount later.But they kept on exerting pressure on me to either give the money or marry my son with Ruby.”

After the incident, the police booked the people present at the wedding under various sections of Child Marriage Act.

It is saddening to know how inhuman people have become, to play with the life and emotions of a boy just for satiating their never-ending greed for money.At a time when the Bihar government is aggressively campaigning against child marriage, such incidents taking place under the nose of administration and police shows that a lot of work is still remaining for eradicating the evils like child marriage and dowry system.

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