Biggies are being nabbed one after the other after women are opening up about their experiences of rapes, molestations and assaults. However, away from spotlight, a common girl is still facing sexual harassment just like before.

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On 1st October, a school on Haryana’s Gurgaon had conducted an unit test. One 15 YO girl student wrote how her 23 YO uncle (her grandfather’s sister’s son) and a 16 YO minor cousin had been molesting her in her answer sheet. After reading the same, the responsible and sensible school authorities informed the police about the same.

The Uncle, who’s a next door neighbor of the victim and the minor cousin who’s a student of class 10 currently were arrested. The cousin in context was arrested from Badshahpur. A case was filed with Badshahpur police under POCSO act and in her complaints, the girl also accuses another cousin of hers, a class 11 student, who shares her house as well of sexual misconduct. She mentions that the Uncle often showed up at their place and has groped her on several occasions.

The Uncle has been sent to jail and the 16 YO cousin to a correctional home in Faridabad.

“We informed child welfare committee officials on October 1 to counsel the victim. The victim’s mother and cousin’s mother are sisters and are married in the same family,” says Assistant commissioner of police, crime against women and children (south), Shakuntala Yadav.

The girl’s statement couldn’t be recorded last week for she was in no position to cooperate, says CWC chairperson Shakuntala Dhull.

Well, it’s heartbreaking to imagine what agony the child must have gone through at such tender age. We’re equally afraid how many such victims must be suffering behind closed doors whose voices are not being able to knock the doors of judiciary.

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