The whole news, if you pay keen attention is heartbreaking, enraging, awakening and bothersome all at once. The unfortunate incident took place in Madarpur village in Bharatpur district where a 16 YO girl, a student of 12th grade committed suicide on Friday after being molested twice by her neighbour Deepak Singh.

For the first time, Deepak sneaked into the deceased’s house and molested her on 17th January. “We handed him over to police. Some prominent people from the village mediated and got both sides to agree on a written compromise on a stamp paper of Rs 100,” said the girl’s father to Hindustan times.

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Police ‘warned’ Deepak and let go of him. He re-entered the victim’s house again on Friday, tried again to molest her and escaped after her family members woke up. However, this frustrated the girl to such an extent that she found death easier than dealing repeatedly with this.

So, she wrote a suicide note right behind the stamp papers that had once brought the her molester and her complainant family to an agreement and ended her life. She mentions that she chose to commit suicide because she’s a good girl and this should disturb all of us.

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Why was no case filed against Deepak when he dared to outrage the modesty of the girl for the very first time even after police’s involvement? Molestation is a crime with pre-scheduled punishment. Then what made the ‘elders’ get into an agreement instead? A finger points at us as well and asks, what made a 16 YO mind think that the girls who are molested are ‘not good’? The guilt was so intense in her part that death seemed alluring to her. Are we teaching the right thing to our daughters?

Well, the girl’s family has now decided to file a case with Udhyog Nagar police station and Vinod Samaria, the station house officer has shoulder the responsibility to investigate the case. We hope Deepak meets Justice this time, at least.

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