Disgraceful, Obnoxious, Dishonourable and all the forthcoming derogatory adjectives won’t suffice the labelling of the incident which just took place in the state of Haryana.
Former Haryana Policeman SPS Rathore who was declared guilty of molesting a 14 year old was observed sharing the platform, the front row to be specific with the dignitaries and received the guard of honour at a Republic Day event in Panchkula. Rathore, who retired in 2002, was an inspector general of police when he molested Girhotra.


A 14 year old girl, back in 1990 was molested at the home office of SPS and even after reporting the incident with one witness, she didn’t get justice. She lived for 3 consistent years after the incident with brought allegations of harassment by police officials and ‘dignity-loss’ which eventually resulted in a suicide.

19 years later the incident in 2009, a special CBI court found Rathore guilty of molesting the Chandigarh Teenager ; that conviction was then upheld by the Supreme Court in 2016.
Despite of all the struggles to justice, it all collapsed when the family and friends saw the news where he was honoured and tagged the entire incident “disgraceful”.


“It is shameful and disgraceful that Haryana government felt the need to express solidarity with such molesters. We have no words to describe how we feel. We still can’t believe the Haryana administration did this,” said a member of Girhotra’s family.

One of the key crusaders in the case, Late Anand Prakash, shockingly was honoured in the same event. He was the one who fought the legal battle for 26 years against Rathore and sadly died on January 12, this year.

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