Does our generation really understand what is love?Are they aware of the consequences of their actions taken in love, anger, hatred ?All these questions are arising following a heinous incident from Jalandhar which shows the creepy mentality of our patriarchal society.

A 19-year-old college student from Jalandhar, Harpreet Singh Happy, planned a monstrous conspiracy with his two nefarious friends Bindu and Ravi to get his own girlfriend and classmate raped so that he could use this incident as an excuse for not marrying her. He thought that the act of rape foisted upon a woman makes her unmarriageable and not the one who is actually committing this shameful act.

The victim told the police that Harpreet and she were in the same class in college and had decided to get married after a long courtship. “On July 20, he called me and said he wanted to introduce me to his parents,” she told the police. Around 10.30 pm, Happy called her and asked her to come out of her house so he could take her to his house.

He picked her up but asked her to get down near the local grain market and wait as he would bring his parents there. “After some time, Bindu and Ravi came there on a bike and said Harpreet had sent them, and that they would drop me to his house,” the victim said in her statement to the cops.

But they allegedly took her to a room near a tubewell in some field where they raped her. They later took her to an abandoned Haveli and again raped her, she told the police.


The victim went to the police, where she filed an FIR.Police have arrested the conspirator Happy, 19 and a case has been registered under sections 120b (criminal conspiracy), 376d (gang rape), and 417 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code against him and his co-conspirators who are 20 years old.

SHO Harjeet Singh confirmed that the woman had undergone medical test at the local civil hospital, which corroborated sexual assault. Bindu and Ravi will soon be arrested, and both Happy and the woman are to be brought before a magistrate on July 25, 2017, so that their statements can be recorded as an admissible evidence.


Jalandhar Police confirmed that Harpreet Singh Happy’s motive was to use his girlfriend’s rape as an excuse for not marrying her. He, like many others in our society, believes that the blot of rape is upon the woman. A large section of our society thinks that the victim who is raped is like damaged goods and no one will like to marry or accept her.For sure, it’s certainly not the case.

The ignominy of rape not only belongs to the rapist but also to those who believe or even think that it was victim’s fault.

The Indian Feed strongly condemns this shameful and heinous act and hopes that police will catch all the absconding conspirators and bring them to justice to reaffirm the faith of people in law and justice.



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