On 20 August, Vimalesh Sah’s, a resident of Damodarpur dead body was found in a red light close to railway tracks after a day of him being marked missing.
Agitated by the death, a mob of youths took laws into their own hands. They engaged themselves in beating up a dalit woman merely on the basis of suspicion of the murder of the deceased. They didn’t stop here. They tore off her clothes and paraded her naked on the streets of Arrah.

On 28th of November, all 20 miscreants have been held guilty under SC/ST act. 5 of them, including an RJD leader, have been subjected to imprisonment for 7 years and fined with RS 10,000 while for the rest 15 the term and amount are 2 years and RS 2,000 respectively, media reports stated.
Bihar deputy CM Sushil Kumar looks quite happy with the judiciary of the state for the prompt action and says, “It is a fresh example of the high benchmark of rule of law set by the NDA government. All the guilty have been punished within 100 days. But those beating their chests on law and order remain oblivious to the long arms of law“.

Episodes of the mass lynching of ‘suspected’ child lifters have come to a halt. But looks like our public is habituated to creating some of the other kind of nuisance everyone and makes a mockery of the judiciary.

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