A 21-year-old China woman has gone partially blind after spending a full day playing a game called Honour of Kings. The game is quite popular in China with 200 million users. Earlier, in order to prevent addiction, the company had to restrict the kids under age of 12 to just one hour of the game in a day.


The girl admitted that she was quite addicted to the game and used to play it up to eight hours without eating drinking or going to the toilet.”If I don’t work, I usually get up around 6 am, have breakfast, then play until 4 pm,” she told The Global Times.

“I would eat something, take a nap, wake up and continue playing until 1 or 2 am. My parents had warned me that I might go blind,” she added.

On the fateful day of 1st October, which was a public holiday in China she played the game for the full day. After she had her dinner she lost her eyesight.


The next day she was diagnosed with RAO, a condition which occurs due to blockage in one of the arteries that carry blood to the retina.Typically, men in their seventh decade (between the ages of 60-69 years) are affected by Retinal Artery Occlusion.Individuals under 30 years of age may also be affected, though it is very rare.

The doctor told that the condition was likely caused by the excessive playing of the game.Excess of anything is not good and with this generation which loves to spend most of its time online such cases are expected to be more common.


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