The saying ‘You never know what happens next’ is becoming a reality and can be experienced at a great frequency that every second is spent in fear. Especially in the cities like New Delhi and states like Haryana. Nevertheless, nothing is as safe as it was before.
Men are running to rip the clothes off a woman’s body, parents are after the lives of people to commit honor killing, babies are dying after injuries of rapes, disabilities are increasing like pollution in the air and all of this brings us to have one question, “Are We Sure We Are Progressing? I Doubt.”

Be it a man or a woman, we say that don’t go to isolated places, don’t drive fast, don’t be lost in thoughts while walking or else you will meet with an accident. Period.
All of it was followed unconsciously when Ankit Saxena, 23-year-old wedding photographer, was killed in the broad daylight on a busy road of Raghubir Nagar in West Delhi.



Ankit Saxena was in a relationship for 2 years with a girl named Shehzadi, she was 20 years of age and stayed in the same neighborhood. She was a 2nd year undergraduate from Delhi School Of Open Learning.

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Though the boy’s father didn’t object much, the girl’s family was strictly against it and wanted their son-in-law to be of the same community. “The woman’s parents wanted her to get engaged to someone else, but the woman was unwilling,” said the DCP. She told police that she wanted to marry Saxena.

There was an argument between Ankit’s girlfriend, Shehzadi (20) and her parents, on Wednesday. The investigator said.”She had angrily walked out of her home after telling her parents that she would marry Saxena. Her parents feared she would elope with Ankit and were looking out for him. When they finally found him outside his home on Thursday evening, they beat him up before finally killing him.”

It was when on a Thursday, he left his home for some work and was stopped midway by Shehzadi’s family and was blamed for their daughter’s regular disappearance from home. When the boy asked the family to talk in presence of the police but they began beating him up. Saxena’s family was informed quickly and they rushed to the spot.

After seeing the son getting beaten up, his mother ( Kamlesh ) tried to save him when the girl’s mother thrashed him and Shehzadi’s father and his younger son held him by his arms. “Her father then used a knife to slit his throat from behind. He collapsed seconds later,” Kamlesh alleged.


Kamlesh, who had undergone surgery a few months ago, alleged that the woman’s family had rained punches on her chest and used verbal abuses. She claimed her husband, Yashpal, was also assaulted. “My husband is a heart patient and was in shock. All we could do was plead with them. They kept asking me where their daughter was,” Kamlesh said.

She said,”There were dozens of people watching my son get beaten up, but none of them dared to save him. My son was a bodybuilder himself, but he was helpless when the killers caught and caught and killed him. The sight of the woman’s father wielding a big kukri knife must have scared others”, Hindustan Times reported.

His mother tied her chunni on his throat to stop the blood flow and kept calling for help. But passersby, who had stopped to click photographs, did not help her. No one even called the police control roomclaimed Ankit’s father Yashpal.

By the time we found an e-rikshaw to take the son to the hospital, 20 odd minutes were lost. He was declared brought dead to the hospital.

Honour killings are cases of homicide and murder which are grave crimes under the IPC. Section 299 and 301 of the IPC, deals with culpable homicide not amounting to murder while Section 300, deals with murder.

Ankit’s mother refused to believe that the fact they belonged to different communities was the reason, she said that Shehzadi’s family always looked at the youths in the neighborhood with suspicion and they had done something like this in the past with another Azhar, who they thought was after their daughter.

Honour killing amounts to homicide and murder because the acts are done with the intention of murdering the victims as they have purportedly brought dishonor upon the family.

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