If you’re a working woman who has fallen prone to some or the other form of sexual harassment in your day to day life, then this news is for you. But if you’re used to just overlook such injustice then, dear lady this news is absolutely for you.

A 23 YO journo found two not-so-sane-looking fellows wandering around the escalator when she left her office in Misrod on Saturday. Her gut advised her against entering the lift with them so she waited till a group of people gathered. In the parking lot she rode her vehicle to find that the two antisocials had gotten on their bikes too. By then, the lady had already smelled alcohol on them. For 2 good kilometers the bikes kept obstructing the woman’s vehicle, one from the front and the other from behind till she decided to take no more of it, took a sharp turn and stopped near a pan shop that was the last populous area on the way.

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The man on the front fled but the one riding behind her pulled off. The lady walked up to him and asked why were they following her to which the man shamelessly replied that it was his ‘wish’ to do so.

Sir, with due pity we’re to state that you could be put behind the bars for a good number of years for this pervert wish of yours under section 354 (D) of Indian Penal Code.

The man’s eyes were glaring at the woman as if they were saying that he would rape her, the woman recalls during her talk to the Times of India. This enraged the woman further and she tried to throw away the keys of his bike but the man instead caught her hands.

I shouted for help. But the people around just looked on. I was boiling with rage and slapped him hard in the face. He was drunk and couldn’t retaliate as I had hit him eight to ten times. I hit him with a petrol bottle he was carrying,” she told TOI.

These are the same people who would have come on streets hopelessly holding burning candles in hands the next day, had (God forbids) the woman been actually raped. For increasing number of atrocities against women, these spineless people are to be held equally responsible as the ones who actually commit the crimes.


She managed to shoot a video of the man and his bike before he fled the spot convinced that he messed with the wrong woman. She then immediately called the woman’s helpline number. She has filed an FIR with the police and now that the bike’s number is already recorded in the video, police have assured her to catch the culprit soon.

Many women fail to fight back because the fear of revenge crimes hold them. What if he splashes acid on my face tomorrow angered by my opposition today? This is what the brave journo has to say about this-

Had I not clobbered him, he would have done the same to some other girl the very next day. Being a journalist, I learn about such cases every day, and I was vigilant. Had it been an inattentive girl, she would probably have been raped. Because no one bothered to help me. Had I not been vigilant, police would have registered one more rape case on Sunday morning, instead of molestation,”

You go girl! Few like her think of ‘women’ collectively and keep up the true spirit of womanhood. We’re tired of making frail appeals to people for coming forward and help a woman in need. But dear women, hopefully now you know how to aptly teach such road side romeos the much needed lesson.

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