Just like any other day, the family was sleeping on the pavement, when a 25-year-old man took away their three-month-old kid away, raped and murdered her. The horrifying incident took place on April 21st in Indore. The blood-soaked body of a six-month-old infant was recovered from the basement of a building in Indore.

The family lives in a slum near Indore’s aerodrome area. The father of the toddler used to play dhol on festivals and sold balloons and trinkets. On the other side, her mother used to clean shops in the market.


My wife cried a lot the first few days but she is coming to terms with it slowly…The death sentence was the right thing, nothing less would have been sufficient. I want everyone to know about this judgment so that people think twice before committing such heinous crimes,” her father said to the Hindustan Times.

The criminal, identified as Navin Gadke, used to clean utensils in small eateries lined up around the market in Rajwada. He was a relative who belongs to the tribal Pardi community.


Gadke was sentenced to death on Saturday by a fast track court in Indore. District public prosecutor Mohammad Akram Sheikh said that the accused had received punishment under the death penalty code and not the recent ordinance of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. He was punished under IPC Sections 302 (murder) and 376A (raping a minor) and given a life term under POCSO Act.

“We are pleased with the judgment and believe that such swift and strong punishment will act as a deterrent for others and keep our women safe,” Madhya Pradesh woman and child welfare department minister Archana Chitnis said to the Hindustan Times.

Though the pain that the family will be undergoing can’t be compensated for, the death sentence for the criminal will certainly set an example.

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