source : humanns of bombay
source : humans of bombay

“I was at my restaurant Refresh at CST on the night of 26/11. As soon as we heard gunshots coming from the washroom nearby, I ushered my staff and a few more people inside my restaurant and asked them to hide underneath the tables in case they shoot through the doors. While all this was happening, I didn’t realize that I myself was standing and as a result I got shot twice at 9:37PM – one bullet in my abdomen and the other in my chest area, but thankfully all 54 members of my staff were safe and so were around 50 odd people who were at the restaurant.
There was no bleeding – just a burning sensation; so I got up, put myself in a cab and went to Bombay hospital where the doctors were all shocked that I was walking. I slipped into a coma and was declared ‘dead’ on 27th November, but my organs began healing, I came out of my coma and by mid-December I was on my two feet and working at that very restaurant.

Two things I will always be grateful for – first is the kindness extended to not only me but all the victims by Mr. Ratan Tata and the Taj Group who showed so much sensitivity and support to us all. When I told them that my medical insurance would cover the cost of all my surgeries – they were diligent enough to notice that insurance wouldn’t cover taxes and on the day of my discharge when I went to clear that bill, I was told it was already paid for.
And secondly, I’m grateful that those bullets actually did hit me, because right behind where I was standing at that time, were 18 cylinders which would have exploded and killed everyone who I was trying to save in the first place.”

source : humans of bombay

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