Vaibhav Raut (40), Sharad Kalaskar (25) were booked by ATS, Mumbai from Nalasopara early on Thursday. Another one named Sudhanav Ghondalekar (39) was nabbed from Pune. Twenty bombs and bomb-making material were recovered from a bungalow in the distant northern suburb,reported The Times Of India. The three are suspected of plotting bomb blasts and thus fueling communal disharmony on the occasion of ‘Independence Day’.

Source : Mumbai Mirror

Vaibhav Raut, the main suspect, and a cow vigilante

Vaibhav is a volunteer with Hindu Govansh Raksha Samiti and has been declared as a ‘daring gau rakshak’ by Sunil Ghanvat, Maharashtra and Chattisgarh state organizer of the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti in one of his press conferences. Vaibhav has record numbers of vehicles that he had stopped carrying cows to Sopara village.

Belonging to a meat-eating community himself, Vaibhav preached people to turn vegetarian. A sanstha sympathiser for 6 long years, Vaibhav often wore his loyalty on his sleeves and extended his supports to Hindu organization on his Facebook and Twitter handle too. But suspiciously, he has put a full stop to his pro-Hindu activities around 20 months ago.

Raut was already under the Keen observation of police after his name surfaced during the investigation of a case. And, around 4 am, Thursday police conducted a sudden raid, objectionable things were found out in his three-story bungalow of Raut at Bhandarally, Nalasopara (west).

Locals say that though they were used to seeing new faces every day at Raut’s place, they had always thought of it as a part of his business and never suspected that he could be associated with something like bomb-making.

Politicisation of the sensitive issue

Congress accuses Raut of his links with Sanatan Sanstha, which it calls a terrorist organization. Moreover, Vaibhav was planning to conduct blasts on Bakr-id to paint it with violent colors of communalism, adds Congress.

However, state junior home minister delivers a calmer statement and said that nothing should be assumed before probes are completed. He adds that they will be probed for links with the murders of Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and M M Kalburgi.

Investigations and efforts by ATS till now

On 7th August, secret sources informed ATS that bomb blasts are being planned across Satara, Solapur, Nalasopara, and Mumbai to disturb the regional peace. The sources also mentioned the phone number of the suspects and possible location where the arms and ammunition are being made or stored. The special Public Prosecutor Sunil Gonsalves has mentioned this in detail before the court.

ATS is all set to thoroughly scan social media accounts of Vaibhav to find out what he was upto and who were his close contacts.

The Indian Feed’s take

A salute to every single person who has played a role in unveiling the conspiracy. They are the real heroes who have kept the nation safe. When a bomb explodes, it kills all equally. It doesn’t see your religion. So better we don’t see the religion of the culprit and start playing dirty games over it. Rather, it’ll be wise of media and politicians to let ATS do its job, at which ATS undoubtedly marvels.

We appeal to our readers to remain aware and alert during this period. Any abandoned object that raises your curiosity anywhere around you needs to be brought to the notice of police as soon as possible. Let’s play our part in keeping ourselves and our country safe.

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