Yet another shocking, frightful and distressing incident has taken place where a pregnant woman dies after a cop kicks the vehicle she was riding on along with her husband. The incident took place near the BHEL quarters at Thuvakudi on the Thanjavur-Trichy National Highway.


It happened that, the couple – Raja and Usha were apparently going to attend a wedding and Raja was not wearing the helmet, due to which he was asked to stop as there was a helmet checking going on. As he didn’t stop with two possibilities:
1. He was in a hurry and wanted to ignore and escape.
2. He was trying to stop a little ahead where they can talk as there was a large gift kept in front of Raja.
Nevertheless, none can be assured and before they could stop to talk, the cop in rage kicked the vehicle which unsteadily wobbled and both faced severe injuries. Usha was 3 months pregnant and she died on the spot which was declared after she was taken to the nearest government hospital in Thuvakudi with her husband. The husband survived with severe injuries.

Superintendent Of Police Kalyan ordered the arrest of the inspector and later declared, “The inspector has been taken under our custody and will be remanded soon.”

Kamaraj the inspector who hit the vehicle was also admitted to the hospital after he claimed that he had injuries, later was arrested by district police.


Following this, more than 3000 protestors stood up at the incident, leading to traffic snarls on the highway for hours. Despite informing that the cop has been arrested, the protestors didn’t stop and started throwing stones at police which eventually lead to lathi charge which dispersed the crowd temporarily.
It was not the first time that the police followed violent and ruthless behaviour to go with law and order and we hope that along with other civic issues being controlled, issues like these also come in balance.

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