While we are constantly debating about women security and how we can have a safer space for women, it looks like not much has changed. Every single day we come across the news about rape,workplace harassment and much more.
And everytime the issue is raised some of the people come forward with counter arguments like “not all men do this”, “it happens everywhere” , “don’t try to defame our country” leading to dilution of the issue.

Almost everyone of us have came across perverts in trains,buses trying to film a girl without her knowledge and acting as if nothing has happened. And instead of confronting them we generally ignore the person and let them go.

Somewhere this tendency of ours encourage them and gives them a notion that nothing wrong will happen to them.However, one similar incident has been reported by Singapore based Uma Mageswari when she was travelling in a metro and someone tried to film her but she dealt with it differently.

The man was not aware of the fact that what he was doing was clearly visible in the glass window.

Here is the full post that she shared

“This is a video that I had recorded on 13th May 2017 Saturday at 7.40pm a minute or so after I had boarded the train at Outram mrt. I was heading towards Harbourfront to meet a friend. This guy quickly plonked himself on the seat opposite mine though it wasn’t as if the train was crowded and he had to race to get a seat. I was seated in the 2-seater located at the far ends of the carriage. He then proceeded to whip out his phone and I think the rest speaks for itself once you view the video.

The dumbass didn’t realise his folly obviously. I made my own recording of him but understandably lost my temper afterwards when confronting him over his actions. The mrt staff were most helpful and the SPF arrived at the scene within minutes. Upon further investigation this chap was found to be in possession of similar videos though I am told they were rather obscene in nature of unsuspecting victims.

This man’s name is Suraj. This assh*le holds an employment pass. He had a range of excuses for his deplorable actions. His last feeble attempt of an apology was that ‘I was like his sister’.

I am highlighting this episode to the public in general to serve as a deterrent for other such assholes. Please always remain aware of your surroundings and never be afraid to speak out against such acts that may be committed against you or others around you.

You don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances. Ever.”

Here is the video that she shared

Posted by Uma Mageswari on Sunday, May 14, 2017

Uma has certainly set an example for everyone , as these small things that we ignore somewhere contributes to the formation of a rape culture.If no one stands for you, stand for yourself and speak up.

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