Schools to shelters, children in our country are falling victims to sex-related crimes and we’re reading the news every other day. This time the news is from a Madrasa located in Katraj area of Pune.

Two children, both 10 YO ran away from the Madrasa on 23rd July and were spotted by Railway Police Force when both were waiting for train at the station. Then, the sexual exploitation of children in the Madrasa came to limelight. 36 children have been rescued by combined efforts of police and children welfare committee. To be mentioned here, among the rescued children few from Bihar are as young as 5 Years old, reports NDTV.

The children have opened up to the questions and revealed their story. The 21 YO Maulana named Rahim used to ask them to undress and touch their private parts. A cleric who paid frequent visits to the Madrasa abused them sexually as well.

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“A committee member asked them why they ran away. They revealed that one Maulana Rahim sexually abuses brother of one of them and they were scared,” a police officer was quoted.

The Madrasa, as per police has not been registered with the police or the charity commissioner. Rahim has been arrested and an FIR has been lodged against him under the POCSO rule.

It’s high time we decide for ourselves what’s important. What should be prioritised. Under the veils of charity and religion, it’s our children who are suffering. No religion allows spoiling the innocence of childhood in its name. It’s high time for all of us to realise that those who do so, are damaging the fame of religions as well as the lives of our children.


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