There are so many children in India who have to quit their educations for some reasons. Something similar happened with 17-year-old Kajal Jha who is from Indirapuram, Uttar Pradesh. After completing her class 12th studies, Kajal had to discontinue her education due to her family’s financial problems.

image source : navbharattimes

But this time people of her village stepped forward to help Kajal to stay on her career track. People of Indirapuram have arranged a crowdfunding and collected around Rs 20,000 for Kajal’s education. Kajal is now taking coaching for IIT in a coaching center. Wait this is not just it, the village people also managed to get Kajal’s father a job. He is now working as a supervisor which will be beneficial for their family.

Kajal is a bright student as she has scored 95 percent marks in her class 12th exam. According to Navbharattimes, apart from Kajal’s mom and dad, there are her two brothers, grandfather, and grandmother in the family. Her grandfather is suffering from brain strokes and her grandmother is a paralysis patient.

Kajal’s father Binay Jha is a shopkeeper who is the only bread-winner for the family. The family had to take a loan for the treatment of the grandparents and the study expense of elder son who is studying in IIT. The bank sealed the shop as the family was unable to pay the installments.


Kajal said that her school fee was also due for this reason.The school department helped and she was able to complete her class 12th study. But after 12th there was no other option available except quitting her study.

The pressure of loan also made the family think about suicide as an option.

When the people of Indirapuram got to know about this family’s situation, they immediately contacted the family and took the responsibility as their own. Around 40 people gathered for this cause to pay Kajal’s fee and get her father a job.They also asked for help on social media websites. Also, they have promised to pay the fee of his elder son’s semester fee. Some organizations are coming forward to help the family to get their shop back.

The Indian Feed appreciates this generous move of the people of Indirapuram. This should be an example for all of us. If everybody comes forward, together, we can help millions of children to achieve their dream.

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