A few weeks back actor Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber had adopted a 21 months old baby girl from Latur in Maharastra. The news had received a mixed response from the netizens with most of them appreciating and congratulating the couple for the noble deed, however, as usual there were people who were trolling the couple for the decision as they think that the couple’s past profession of working in adult films will affect the future of the child.

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Nonetheless, at the end of the day the couple has done one of the most noble thing a person can do, adopting an orphan and providing him/her a better and safe future.The couple was trying to adopt a baby since last 2 years but, since the rules were a bit different for them it took a lot of time. Sunny had said to HT that it was love at first sight for them and they were inspired by the amazing job people were doing at the Orphanage.

A latest report by PTI says that the baby had been turned down by atleast 11 couples before she was adopted by Sunny Leone last month.The adoption agency CARA also told that while most of the couples are very choosy regarding skin color, medical history and other factors when it comes to adoption,Sunny and her husband were not interested in any of it.

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Without looking at colour, background and health status, Sunny Leone happily took the child in adoption. We respect that they didn’t try to bend the rules and stood in the queue like all the other parents,” Child Adoption Resource Agency (CARA) CEO Lt Col Deepak Kumar told PTI.

Sunny is an overseas citizen of India (OCI) and for such parents the adoption process can be quite tedious as a child is first referred to Indian nationals. Only if the child is not adopted for two months does he or she get referred to overseas applicants.

Sunny had applied for adoption on the web portal of CARA, the apex body for adoption, on 30th September last year and was referred a child on June 21. The couple gave their approval the next day as parents are given 48 hours to accept the child.

The people who were trolling them needs to learn a lesson or two from the couple.
What an inspiring gesture Sunny!

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