On the pretext of helping a lonely woman by offering a lift to Delhi’s Chhatarpur, 5 men allegedly abducted and raped a Kenyan woman.

As reported by the TOI, the 31-year-old victim was returning from a party at around 12:40 am and was looking for a cab to arrive near Bristol hotel in MG Road, while 3 “decent looking” men in a white Scorpio offered her lift to Chhatarpur, saying that they were heading towards Delhi as well.


The woman believed them and got inside the car but as soon as the car started to speed up, the trio started misbehaving with her.

They looked decent, so I accepted their offer. As I sat inside the car, they started misbehaving with me. They took the car towards Golf Course Road. After driving for some distance, they stopped outside a house. The three dragged me inside, where two other men were already present. There all five men raped me. After a while, they called five more people who also came and raped me,” she was quoted saying to the cops by TOI.

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Afterward, she told them that she wanted to use the washroom and one of the accused came with her to the outside of the house. As he was befuddled due to alcohol, the woman somehow managed to escape and started running. She spotted a PCR van patrolling in the area after running for quite some time. She described everything to the cops despite the problems she was having in communicating, as she did not know to speak English well. “She managed to convey that she had been raped but could not give other details. She then called people who knew her language and gave the details,” said Assistant Commissioner of Police (Sadar) Inderjit Singh to The Hindu.


The cops made her sit inside the van and headed towards the house in which the crime took place. It took them more than usual to find out the house as the woman did not know the area well. She was taken to the Sector 56 police station where an FIR was registered against the men under Section 376D (gang rape) of the IPC.

Though 2 of the 5 alleged managed to flee, 3 of them, Sunder (31), Praveen (24) and Mohit (21) got arrested. The woman was taken to Civil Hospital and medical examination of the woman confirmed rape. The 3 arrested men also confessed to the crime and said that there were 2 more people with them.


Assaulting and raping a woman who doesn’t even belong to this country instead of making her feel safe and secure that also on the pretext of helping her, these heinous demons have not only brought shame on themselves but upon the whole country. It is disheartening to see such crimes are being committed on a daily basis and not a single day passes by without such incidents making headlines. The situation is getting out of control and it is time for the authority to make a bold move against it.

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