Denied to be convinced by the flipping event of her mother’s death, a young 5-year-old Shoaib clinched to his mother Sameena Sultana, (36, a resident of Katedan) and was found sleeping next to the mother’s corpse.

The mother-son duo reached the hospital at around 11:30 on Sunday evening when the mother was suffering cardiac-issue and collapsed in a span of a few minutes. Doctors tried Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and other means to stabilize her condition but failed. She died around 12:30 midnight and the son refused to leave her, had his last most comfortable sleep by his mother’s body unaware of the fact that she died, when later at 2 am her body was shifted to the morgue.

It has been assumed that her live-in-partner dumped the duo at state-run Osmania general hospital. There was no attendant to give her details and adding to it, she was abandoned 3 years back by her husband who later shifted to Maharashtra.

“Around 11.30pm on Sunday, we got an SOS from the hospital about a woman patient with a serious cardiovascular condition, but without an attendant. One of our volunteers, Imran Mohammed, rushed to the hospital,” said Mujtaba Hasan Askari, Helping Hand Foundation.
Her relatives were finally traced by the Mailardevarapally police using her Aadhar Number which was spotted in the bag she brought. Speaking to TOI, inspector P Jagadeeshwar said, “We handed over the boy to Sameena’s brother Mushtaq Patel.

Mushtaq Patel who decided to take the body for burial to Turmamamidi in Zaheerabad said, “Police knocked our door at 4 am. By the time we went to the hospital, the boy was with volunteers.”

The relatives eventually completed all the formalities and took the custody of the child.

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