On the 15th August when all of us were busy in celebrating our 70th Independence day, a food joint named Sanjha Chulha based in Kolkata gave freedom from hunger to many people by opening a food ATM.


The restaurant has installed a refrigerator outside their eatery, which is open to everyone who wishes to donate or take food from it.The idea is to collect leftover food for those who go hungry.
Hunger is such an evil which bring human lives in jeopardy. India, where 230 million people go hungry daily the steps like these put the faith back into the place that we Indians are striving towards Hunger Free India.This noble drive came into being as part of a ‘Hunger Free Kolkata’ initiative in partnership with P.R.A.N.


Apart from this, the restaurant is also planning to provide meal packages as donations to the hunger stricken people.

The Indian Feed appreciates the noble work being done by the restaurant and hopes that people will take part in large numbers.

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