Giving lives to people by donating the organs, the parents of a six-year-old girl showed their generosity by donating her organs after she was declared brain dead.

Jhanavi, a resident of Chitradurga, Karnataka was a jolly, playful and an active kid. It happened only after she started complaining of stomach ache a month ago, it was this worse that she couldn’t even write. After which her parents took her to a hospital where nothing was detected, to be sure they consulted another hospital in Mangalore where a tumour was detected in her brain after getting MRI scan.


Tippeswamy, the girl’s father told that he did not believe that his daughter was no more. “She was a very active girl, just a month ago she complained of stomach pain and had frequent giddiness. When she was unable to even write in her books, we decided to take her to the hospital for a thorough check-up,” he said.

Tippeswami said that his daughter was lively in the hospital and doctors had initially thought there were no health issues with Janahvi. A brain tumour was detected after conducting an MRI scan.

She was then recommended Father Muller Hospital in Mangalore where she was operated for nearly 14 hours to remove a tumour, though the prior information was given to the parents about the risk. Thereafter she was in the coma, making small movements and opening her eyes before she was finally declared brain dead by the doctors.


Difficult to believe that the parents lost their daughter at such a young age, the girl becomes one of the youngest organ donors after the doctors and coordinators from a government agency consulted about the organ donation to her parents to which they agreed. Full of despair and sadness, the parents are relieved that in a way their daughter is living in someone else’s body. Her heart was successfully transplanted to a 9-year-old boy from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. Her eyes and kidneys were also donated.

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