The wounds that the hellhounds gave to Asifa were still fresh. When the whole country was raising voice for justice, only then the terrified tears of a 6-year-old made us understood that all the efforts are going in vain.

As per media report, the incident took place near Kargahar market area in Rohtas district, on Tuesday evening. A 6-year-old was playing outside her residence when her 27-year-old neighbor Meraz Alam, who is a tailor by profession, took her to a hut which is located barely within 100 meters of her residence and brutally raped her.

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The victim’s uncle Baban Singh heard loud cries coming from inside and rushed towards the hut. Then only the accused was coming out of the hut, inside he found his niece lying in a pool of blood. Her wage worker parents informed the police right away. The girl was rescued and the assailant was arrested. An FIR was lodged against him on the basis of the complaint received from the girl’s uncle. The accused also repeatedly confessed the heinous crime.

The girl was admitted to Kargahar primary health center and then got shifted to Sasaram Sadar Hospital. There were serious injuries in the girl’s private part and she was profusely bleeding.

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“The girl’s private parts have severely been damaged and she had to endure at least half a dozen stitches. Her condition is stable,” said the Station House Officer of Kargahar police station, Dayanand Sharma to The Telegraph. Police sent her blood-stained clothes to the state forensic science laboratory for investigation.

The villagers blocked the Sasaram-Buxar state highway for four hours on Wednesday in protest, the shop owners of Kargahar market also kept their shop closed. Not only the commoners but also the police are demanding justice for the girl.

It is shameful to see this kind of stories making headlines, it is saddening to think where the state stands. A recent study by National Crime Record Bureau revealed that rate of rape cases have increased by 8% from 2010, a girl gets raped in every 20 minutes and 93 girls in a day on an average. It is high time that we, the people of the country take a stand, otherwise, it will take no time for the country to get demonish.

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