A few days to a new year. We had half expected something new to pop up on our mobile screens and revive our faith, that this year things will change. They’ll get better.

Things changed, too. But are getting worse day by day. This News is about Mohammad Jainul, a 60 YO South Delhi based daily labor, married with kids. He found two girls, 5 and 9 years old respectively playing outside their homes while their parents, who also work as daily laborers were away for work.


He wooed them with promises of giving chocolates and sweets and managed to abduct them to his home, where his wife and kids were absent. There, he took turns to rape each of them while the other was seeing the heinous act taking place. After he was done, he gave Rs 5 each and warned them not to reveal about the assault to anyone.

The girls were terrified and kept mum until Sunday evening when the 5 YO girl couldn’t bear the pain and started crying. The girl’s mother then spotted injuries on her daughter’s private parts and 100 was finally dialed.


He took both the girls to his house and assaulted them in front of one another. Before he let them off he warned them not to tell anyone about the assault and handed them over Rs. 5. The two then went home,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (South West) Milind Mahadeo Dumbere said to Hindustan Times.

Jainul was arrested, identified by both girls as their assailant and is sent for a 14-day custody.

They were then counseled and a case was registered against Jainul. Our team arrested him. he was produced before a court, which sent him to 14-days judicial custody,” added Dumbere.

So now, rapists have begun deciding the price for rape too! Well, where are we heading and what low are we yet to touch? Probably, the forthcoming years will answer it.

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