We live in the 21st century but still believe in godmen and their superstitious rituals. The recent case of Ram Rahim was an example of how blinded we are when it comes to beliefs and faiths. The Godman used to rape his followers and despite knowing what he was doing makes him a rapist rather than God, people kept following him and showering him with their love and money.

This rate of people being conned by Godmen in the name of finding hidden treasures or saving the family from the evil forces is quite high in the rural India. In a heart-wrenching incident, acting on a tantrik’s advice a man and his family members got his newly married wife raped by the tantrik and her brother-in-law on their wedding night.


The incident occurred in Hapur District of UP where the victim’s husband is a cloth trader. According to a HT report, the victim alleged that after the wedding ceremony she was provided a drink laced with sedatives which dulled her senses, making it impossible for her to put up a fight against the rapists.

The woman told the police that instead of her husband her brother-in-law and tantrik entered the room in the night and raped her.After regaining consciousness the next morning she questioned her husband’s family.


The family told her that it was done as the tantrik had told them to do so, as the act was necessary to ward off the threat to her husband life. They told that her husband would have died had he spent the wedding night in bed with her. Reportedly they also told that now they would also find a buried treasure under their house.

Nearly a week after her ‘nikah’ on September 15, the woman and her family got a complaint registered in the matter at the Lisari gate police station in Meerut.

A case had been registered by the police and the tantrik and her brother-in-law had been charged with rape.We fail to understand how can people trust these con Godmen so easily and which God would ask to commit such ghastly disgusting crime ? These people sacrificing humans and raping women on the advice of tantriks need to understand that we are not living in the stone age where you don’t have enough common sense to differentiate between right and wrong.

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