According to a survey by humanitarian aid organization World Vision India, in India, one in every two children is a victim of sexual assault out of which a large number of cases go unregistered. It is also well-known fact that in the majority of such cases chances are very high that the molester or harasser is a family member or someone known to the family.

A heart-wrenching case of sexual abuse has come to light from Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh where a 12-year-old orphan kid was sexually abused by her caretaker uncle and his son with whom she was staying in Bhopal after the death of parents.The strange and sad part of the case is that the girl was not able to undergo the medical examination as the doctors needed the signatures of her guardians for the same. And the victim’s only surviving guardian was the accused who raped her along with his son.

The 12 YO girl managed to escape from his clutches and approached the Kotwali police after reaching Vidisha on Tuesday. On Thursday, when she was taken for medical examination the doctors told that they would require the signatures of any one of her relatives. However, finally the officials managed to get her medically examined in Bhopal on Friday but there is a strong possibility that important evidence has been lost due to the delay.


Hindustan Times report quoted CWC member Rekha Sridhar as saying,“She told us that her uncle and his son had done ‘kharab kaam’ (Bad things) with her. She is scared and hasn’t been able to give the proper address her uncle. Our priority is to get her medically examined as much time has been lost. We will also try to get the address of her uncle in Bhopal, so that police can proceed with their probe. The girl will be staying at Shelter Home in Bhopal.”

The incident is as heart-wrenching as it can, a 12-year-old orphan kid gets raped by her caretaker uncle who has her last resort and finally when she gathers the courage to approach the authorities she faces the hurdles of the laws which were meant to protect her.
We hope the girl gets proper justice and the accused is punished for the inhumane act.

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