A small act of kindness reflects the beauty of a person’s heart. Autorickshaw driver Alamkhan Pathan doesn’t have his own house, but for him, honesty is the main priority.

The incident took place on Tuesday, May 8, while Pathan was returning after dropping a couple near Gheekanta court on the Relief Road, he saw that a bag had been left behind by them. The bag was filled with gold-silver ornaments and files containing important documents.


Without wasting any time Pathan went to the court area and waited there for the couple, as he realised that they would be busy there attending a court marriage and had forgotten about the bag in hurry. He had to wait for a long time and then he spotted the couple coming out of the court and handed them their bag with all contents intact.


The passenger who had forgotten the bag was later identified as Sunny Macwan said to TOI, “My parents, wife and grandmother decided to take an autorickshaw for the court. I was given the bag containing gold and original documents which were required for my sister’s marriage. However, in the hurry to attend the marriage, I forgot the bag in the rickshaw. Realizing the lapse later, I ran back to look for the rickshaw only to return empty handed.

Using email copy they somehow managed to complete the court process and decided to file a police complaint later using the CCTV footage that would help to recognise the auto rickshaw driver. But then he saw Pathan standing near the gate and looking for him with the bag in his hand.


The scenario filled Macwan with immense ecstasy. He opened the bag and saw that all the jewellery and documents were untouched. He decided to offer Pathan some money for the great job that he did, but Pathan politely refused the money. “When we checked the bag, everything was intact. I decided to give Pathan some money, but he was reluctant to accept anything. However, when people convinced him that it was not a reward but the amount to compensate the loss he suffered because of the incident, he agreed to take the amount,” said Macwan to TOI.

It was not the first time that Pathan turned out to be a do-gooder. Earlier he had returned a suitcase that had been left by a businessman and a purse to its owner. The 64-year-old also offers free rides to the ones unable to pay the fare.

Nowadays such incidents have become a rare view, however, these prove that humanity has not died yet.

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