There are so many inspirational people around us who are living proofs that people can overcome anything.People who have found ways of turning obstacles into opportunities. Defying their destiny, they definitely never gave up and continued their journey.

Meet one such inspiring person, 64-year-old Uma Sharma who is the Principal of National Public School in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Uma is suffering from paralysis since last 10 years. Though she can’t move half of her lower body except for her hands and face, she is still running a school for underprivileged kids successful without any complaint about her condition.

Image Source: ANI

According to ANI, Uma has not missed a single day at school. She continues to monitor all activities virtually. She has been managing and instructing the school authorities with just a tablet and mobile phone from her hospital bed.

Like any other principal, she does all her duties like monitoring classes, sports, activities, giving timely feedbacks, participating in meetings etc.

School administrator Surendra Chauhan told to ANI, “We never felt as if she was not in school because her virtual presence is more than anybody else’s physical presence.”

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Uma’s life has never been easy from the start. She had been through a lot when her husband died 27 years ago and later her both son and daughter also passed away in a road accident. Instead of crying over her terrible life situation, she started her own school for underprivileged kids to give them a better life. Before being paralyzed, she ran it smoothly for 4 years.

Uma is truly an inspiration for all of us as she has defied all the age and health-related issues and has dedicated her life to the society.Uma has given us reasons to focus more on persistence and dedication than excuses and reasons why something won’t work.

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