As if crimes against women were not enough that the monsters are now targetting the children in the schools. What makes it more sad and horrible is the fact that these monsters remain disguised as teachers, staffs, and principals and target the small kids when they find them alone. This is 5th such school-related incident that we are reporting in the last few days. Every time we think nothing worse can happen the very next day pops up a news that is even more heinous and horrible.

After the recent GD Birla rape case from Kolkata here comes another case of sexual assault. The crime was committed in Koderma district of Jharkhand where a 65-year-old principal assaulted a 7-year-old little girl in the washroom. He took the UKG child to the washroom where he undressed her, touched her inappropriately and made her perform oral sex on him.

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He also tried to suppress the matter by giving her money for not telling about the incident to anyone.The matter came to light after the child told her parents about the incident on November 1, Friday. The parents of the child immediately reported the incident to the police who arrested the principal.

As per NDTV reports, when the man S Xavier was arrested and produced before the media by the police, he shamefully said: “Yes I did, but it wasn’t such a big mistake. There was no sexual intercourse. Let me be frank, I could not even have done it, I’m old now. It was an accident.”

The man, who has been sent to jail for 15 days, also said, “I am under a lot of stress. My work is not going well. I have heart trouble. I can’t sleep at night sometimes. I have insomnia.”


A case has been registered against the man under various sections of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) of the IPC. A medical test has been conducted on the child, the results of which are awaited by the police.

Apart from the heinous act that the monster has committed we are shocked at the audacity with which he is claiming that he has not done anything wrong. How can someone sexually assault a 7-year-old kid and think he has not committed any mistake. Is she a sex machine that you can use her for your pleasure whenever you can’t control your perverted desires? She is a 7-year-old little daughter of someone, she means the world to someone. She is not born to be touched by your perverted hands.

We hope the strict action is taken against the man and the child and the family recovers from the trauma.

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