In India, cops have earned a reputation of being unfriendly and rude in nature. The perception is so strong that people don’t want to approach or involve the cops in an issue until no other solution is present. So, when stories of cops being friendly and cooperative in nature surfaces it easily draws the attention of people.

In a heartwarming gesture by Saki Naka police station of Mumbai, cops celebrated the birthday of a techie who had gone there to file a complaint. An angry 28-year-old techie Anish Jain reached police station after his new car was damaged by an auto in a minor accident.

On Saturday, Anish along with his fiance was going to Ghatkopar for a movie. At around 4.30 pm, When they were waiting at a signal an auto rammed into their car and the car suffered a dent. Since the accident was minor no one was injured.Since Anish figured out that he would need proper documentation to claim an insurance, he decided to approach the police along with the auto driver. After examining the two vehicles involved cops started with the paperwork.Anish told to TOI, that since the paperwork was a manual and lengthy process he had to stay there for around 2 hours.

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In mid of a casual conversation with the police officials, he mentioned that he had never imagined that he would spend his birthday at a police station. The TOI report quoted Jain as saying,”The cops started laughing and said there was nothing wrong in being at a police station on one’s birthday and that they were nice people. Before I knew, they got sweets and distributed them to everyone there. I was introduced to all the staff and told them a bit about my family–my parents run their business in the jurisdiction of Saki Naka police station as well. The tension (about the accident) had diffused by then and I had calmed down”.

Source: Twitter Mumbai Police Handle

The gesture by the Mumbai police is surely heartwarming and deserves applause. Such initiatives would surely help in creating a people-friendly image of the cops and will lead to people approaching them more easily.

Mumbai police tweeted the pic on their Twitter Handle and the tweet garnered around 1000 retweets and a number of comments appreciating the beautiful gesture!

Beautiful gesture Mumbai Police!

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