The recent social media campaign #MeToo in which people from across the globe came forward with their sexual abuse stories was aimed at providing a better space to women.But looks like actual predators don’t care about any campaign or law and to make these campaigns successful the mindset of the society needs to change at the ground level. People need to stop objectifying women and normalizing harassment incidents.


A shocking video footage of a man attempting to molest a woman in broad daylight has been captured in Kerala’s Kozhikode city alley. The assault attempt was captured on the CCTV camera installed at a nearby residential place. The attacker Jamsheer, a painter by profession has been arrested by the police.

The incident happened at around 3 pm on October 18th.The victim who was a college girl was walking down the bylane connecting YMCA road to Mavur road. She was behind Jamsheer, who then took a quick look at her. At the end of the road when she passed him, taking the advantage of the situation Jamsheer tried to grope her forcefully.

He pushed her against the wall and attacked her while she was lying on the ground. When she resisted Jamsheer left her alone and sensing danger, ran away from the scene. The video of this horrifying act went viral on social media and caused an outrage due to which it gained the attention of the Nadakavu police.The police then tracked down the victim and fetched the details about the incident.

The victim registered a complaint and the police did the rest on the basis of FIR.Molester Jamsheer was arrested by the police in just two days. According to TimeNow, the attacker is not a native of Calicut and does not have any criminal record.

The incident is really shocking to the core and shows how these people see an alone woman as a prey and that they can easily grope and harass her. We really doubt, had the video not been captured by the CCTV the victim would have even approached the police. We as a society have taught our women to suffer in silence instead of speaking up as it would bring a bad name to the family. We hope the victim recovers from the trauma soon!

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