The Honorable Supreme Court has ordered the whole nation to burst crackers only between 8-10 pm on the night of the festival of lights, Diwali. However, the Tamil Nadu government appealed to the Apex court to be a little flexible for its people who follow the tradition of bursting crackers in the morning hours. So, the TN people were allowed to have fun with fireworks between 6am-7am and 7pm-8pm only.


As of on Tuesday, 6 pm 200 citizens were booked by the TN police for having violated the Apex Court’s orders under Sections 291(Continuance of nuisance after injunction to discontinue), and 188 (Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant), 268 (public nuisance) of the IPC.

In Villupuram district, 80 people were booked for bursting crackers – the highest in the state so far. Virudhunagar police have booked 40 persons for violating the SC order. 30 persons were booked in Coimbatore and 20 in Dindigul. Namakkal police arrested one person and Tirunelveli arrested 6 persons for violating orders while in other police stations, only FIRs were registered. The arrested people were soon set free on bail. “But chances are high that the judge may ultimately warn the accused and close the case when these cases reach the court,” says Justice K Chandru, a retired judge of the Madras High Court.


The News Minute reports that the senior police officers are expecting more number of cases to add up by Wednesday midnight.

“There is an order and the police are to implement the order. Hence the cases booked for violating the law will stand in court if the police are able to prove that the offense was committed,”, says advocate Sudha Ramalingam.

“The SC order states ‘fireworks’ and has not specified as to the category of fireworks based on noise like flowerpots or sparklers. Hence, we are not giving any exception to these crackers,”, Joint Director of TN Fire and Rescue Services department, Shahul Hameed is strict while keeping his statement with TNM.

It’s indeed a great step towards saving the deteriorating environment. We wonder if banning crackers for a day can revive the environment so drastically, then what a blanket ban on every occasion like wedding processions, new year Eve, victory celebrations can do!

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