In the last few days, we have come across so many news of carelessness and negligence on the part of hospitals and the patients facing the consequences. Yesterday, Delhi govt canceled the license of Max hospital after it wrongly declared a newborn child dead and handed it to the parents in a plastic bag while the baby was still alive. Before this Fortis hospital charged RS 18 lakh from a family of 7-year-old dengue patient who died after 15-day treatment. Yet another case of a patient being mistreated in Mumbai has surfaced and has freaked out people who are getting treatment from such hospitals.

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A 70-year-old cancer patient Jasvinder Singh was served soup in a rusty flask at Hinduja Hospital, Khar, Mumbai. His daughter has registered a police complaint against the careless service of the hospital. However, the hospital authorities are denying the allegation justifying the rust marks on the bed as tea stain.

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On November 7, Jasvinder who is a Bandra resident was admitted to the hospital for his cancer treatment. Surgitika Chhabra , his daughter had already paid the treatment charge of 2.5 lakh rupees to the hospital. “My father is a cancer patient and has lost a part of his tongue and mouth. We feed him through a tube that is connected to his stomach. After feeding him half of the soup from the flask, I noticed some stain at the bottom. When I emptied the flask, I found that it was corroded. I was shocked by the careless service of the hospital,” Surgitika told to Mid-day.

Surgitika immediately contacted the officials complaining about the poor service. At the time of discharging her father, she again raised the question about all that happened but didn’t get any appropriate justification. Finally, she asked for the flask to use it as an evidence to prove the allegation but none of the staffs cooperated. Finally, Surgitika and her husband had to go to the police and register a legal complaint.


“We would like to clarify that the said flask was not corroded, but had some kind of tea stain on the inside. We requested Chhabra to hand over the flask so that we could check and corroborate with our F&B partner Ms. Sodexo. But, she insisted on keeping it with her”, said Hinduja Hospital authorities to Mid-Day.

Taking action the police has collected the flask from the hospital and said that it would take time till they could get the forensic report.

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