Yet another day and yet another attempt at rape! The only thing which is different is that the accused are the lifesavers and the place was ICU of Shiva hospital in Gurugram. According to a Times Of India report, a class 12 student was admitted in Old Gurugram’s West Rajiv Nagar Area’s Shiva hospital after she accidentally drank a bottle of insecticide confusing it with soft drink.

According to the complaint filed by the girl’s mother the 16 years old was admitted in the ICU of the hospital on November 16 where two male nurses disrobed, touched her inappropriately and attempted to sexually assault her. The mother further stated in her complaint that when she tried to resist the nurses, they also threatened her to remove the oxygen supply.


Later that night, Kuldeep allegedly again made the second attempt when he removed her top and kissed her forcibly.After that, he also allegedly instructed her to accompany him to the washroom, which she did, and then tried to rape her there following which the girl fainted.

Initially, the girl was silent on the issue, but when the nurses started to repeatedly call her she broke down and disclosed it to her mother on Sunday.

“We have sacked the nurses, who have also been arrested. We’ll extend all possible help to police in their probe,” Dr Manoj, administrative head of the hospital was quoted as saying by TOI.

“The girl had been admitted to Civil Hospital by her family on November 16. Late, that same night, after her father had returned home, two nursing staff, Ravinder (27) and Kuldeep (23) attacked her. Kuldeep touched her inappropriately, and when she objected, he threatened to kill her by removing her oxygen support. When she tried to shout, Ravi pressed her mouth while Kuldeep gave her an injection that made her drowsy. When she called for her parents, they said it was 2 am and that her father had left,” the complaint stated.


According to TOI, surprisingly, the police have not charged the duo for sexual assault, Instead, the nurses have been charged under sections 328 (causing hurt by poison, etc) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC and Section 10 of the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act.

The fact that nurses are involved in this case reaffirms our faith that no one can be trusted in this world. Imagine a world where people won’t be able to trust even the doctors and medical professionals due to such heinous acts by a few! RIP Humanity.


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