Recently a teacher from Sesame Tree School in Ranga Reddy district of Telangana had sealed a student’s mouth with tape for “talking too much”. It was just another addition to the already long list of corporal punishments that students across India are being subjected to.

In yet another shocker from Arunachal Pradesh, 88 students of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidayalaya, New Sagalee were forced to undress before other students as punishment. According to an FIR lodged by the All Sagalee Students Union on Tuesday, the 88 students of Classes VI and VII were forced to strip on November 23.


The matter, came to light on November 27 after the victims approached the All Sagalee Students Union (ASSU), who then filed an FIR with the local police. Reportedly, two assistant teachers and a junior teacher had forced the 88 students to undress before other students after they recovered a piece of paper containing vulgar words about the head teacher and a girl student.

After the teachers failed to find the culprit they allegedly forced 88 students to undress as a part of punishment. “Such a heinous act may affect the students psychologically. Violating a child’s dignity is against the law and against the Constitution. To discipline a student is the responsibility and commitment of a teacher,” PCC spokesperson Mina Toko was quoted as saying by The Telegraph.

Papum Pare superintendent of police Tumme Amo told no complaint was received from the kids or their parents.The victims had approached the All Sagalee Students Union (ASSU), a union which works for safeguarding the students’ rights, which then filed an FIR with the local police.

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These corporal and inhumane punishments have been a part of Indian education system since long, and while the whole world is moving ahead such acts make us wonder why these people are still lagging behind. A child’s mind is really fragile and such incidences could leave a permanent scar on their mental health.

A child spends around 7-8 hours per day in a school for 10-12 years, that’s a significant amount of time. Even one such act of humiliation can damage their self-confidence and force them to take some harsh steps. All the education that these schools are imparting will be of no use if such brutal and inhuman punishments are not stopped. We hope strict action is taken against these teachers for disrobing the students of their dignity.

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