And while humanity seems to lose its grip, there are still some people who work selflessly and restore our faith in humanity. Dr. Bhakti Yadav , a gynecologist from Indore has been serving her patients from the weaker sections free of cost.

Popularly and rightly called “Doctor Dadi”, this 91 years old lady is an example for the millions of us that not all works are done for awards or fame, some actions are done by a human for a human.

source : patrika

This year she has been conferred with Padmashri Award, fourth highest civilian award in India for her selfless acts. She is the first female MBBS doctor from Indore and has been offering free treatment to her patients since 1948. She passed out of the first batch of MGM Medical College in 1948 and was the only women in her batch. Early in her career, she refused a government job and joined Nandlal Bhandari Maternity Home for the wives of poor cloth mill workers.

source : indiatoday

Due to her old age now she is not able to treat many patients however, she still provides valuable suggestions to her patients. Her last wish is to “keep serving people until her last breath“. She feels that staying in touch and treating the patients like your own kids is really important.”Today’s doctors examine patients and treat them, but I have not seen many using their heart to develop a relationship with patients. This personal touch is lacking among many doctors,” Dr Yadav said to TOI.

Dr Yadav was examining patients till two months ago, when she fell down and suffered fractures. Now bedridden, she told to TOI , she never yearned for awards. “I am happy that everyone is happy (after the announcement of the award).What is important is that people get benefited by my actions,” she said.

In a world where most doctors charge a hefty sum for the treatment of patients the story of Dr. Dadi is inspirational. We congratulate her for Padma Shri award which she totally deserves and thank her for the selfless act of helping people in delivering their bundle of joy for last 48 years.

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