Evey now and then we keep hearing news about women being raped, young girls being raped, it has gone to the extent where the old and the two-year-olds are getting molested and raped. What is this society we are living in, it has become a place where we as women have been asked and told to not even step out of our homes. Why can’t nobody ask animals like them to stop wandering on the streets? And the best part, instead of providing moral and emotional support, there are people around us who blame the victims for what they went through.

A 21-year-old graphic designer, Shreya Arora, shared her artwork titled “The Good Victim Starter Pack”, on her Instagram handle, responding to the practice of victim shaming. The posters talk about how it is the victim who is blamed for what happened to her in the first place, it is her character which will be portrayed wrong, her clothes must have been inappropriate, she must have wanted it, in the end, it was all their fault.

In a conversation with Scoopwhoop, she shared her personal story as to how she got inspired while she was in France as an exchange student. She also mentioned students back there were terrified to ever visit India after they heard the news.

“Along with the frequent stories about rape and assault, there was also another pattern to be seen- one of the influential figures criticising the victim, morally policing her…I realized how victim-blaming forms a large part of our narratives. With this series, I tried to create a satire on the fact that no matter how careful, conservative, or perfect a victim is, people always find a way to blame her more than the assailant”, she said while talking to Scoopwhoop.

Shreya is currently pursuing graphic design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and believes it is a powerful tool to start a difficult conversation, and that’s how she started hers. In future, she wants to do meaningful work with gender inequality being one of them.

What Shreya is doing, it is encouraging a lot of women to speak up and tell their story, not only that it is giving a lot of women a sense of belief that there is someone who will stand up for them. They are not alone.
We cannot even imagine what they must have gone through, they are broken in some or the other way, let’s not make it more difficult for them by any sort of comments or derogatory remarks. We as a country failed them when it happened to them being its citizen, let’s not fail them again by using it against them.
The Government and the police will always say that they are doing their work, but we as a nation have to be there for them.

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