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My biggest failure has always been my response to failure.

An article must not start on a negative note, especially with ‘failure’, but here I am, breaking the conventional chronology of a motivational piece. Well, this is not meant to be one!

Recently, I got rejected for a job I thought I could fit well into, my weighing scale showed me a negative result, relationships took a U-turn too, all classic examples of a bad phase. Obviously, it didn’t go well with me.

Did anyone teach you how to face rejection?

No one taught me; and as a result, I find it very difficult to take rejection in a positive light. Rejection from a potential employer makes me feel like a failure, rejection from a friend makes me a loser, rejection from family drops my self-esteem to its lowest.

However, as I take a deep breath and strive to stand back up, I constantly blame myself, instead of working on overcoming the real problem. This is where I wish I was taught that making mistakes is fine and that rejection is one step forward, and not backward.

Accepting one’s failure is maybe the first step towards overcoming it and hence, I sat to pen down my feelings during one of my many failures. This feels like moving one step closer to having a healthy relationship with own self. It’s not all rainbows and roses embracing failure, but with accepting failure comes a sigh of relief and a boost of confidence for the journey ahead.

Maybe, our next encounter with failure doesn’t end up in a negative response, let us just be a little kinder to ourselves.

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