When majority of educated mass doesn’t bothersto verify forwarded Whatsapp messages or FB posts , a Pune based social activist named Prashant Kanojia has raised the bar really high.

Prashant received a picture of a woman with a child in her arms who used to beg in Koregaon Park area. When anyone used to ask her about the child, she would find her way to escape.

Suspecting more into the matter, Prashant soon put up a query post on Facebook and asked his friends to help him identify the woman. To his surprise, the post was shared for over 755 times within just two days. See the Facebook post here-

“The picture was being shared on social media. It was during this time that I was told that the girl was seen in Khadki bazaar area. So, I went there with my team and inquired. We detained her and got her to the police station. When we asked her about the child, she claimed that it belonged to her brother,”‘ quoted him as saying.

PSI Mohini Dongre initiated action against her and it later turned out that the child actually belonged to one of the relatives of the woman who was happy about the child being used for begging. Well, using children for begging for gaining attention and sympathy is the dark truth of this dirty ‘begging business’.

Most of the time, if you notice closely you’ll find the child to be too sick/unconscious due to prolonged hours of exposure to sun/cold, lack of rest, proper food and water. Such children are either arranged from poor families or kidnapped. They’re mutilated to attract more sympathy.

The woman has been booked under prevention of begging act and Kanojia is all set to take his mission ‘No more missing children’ that began with this, further. He has a WhatsApp group of 70 aware Samaritans where pictures of such children are shared and everything that’s needed to rescue them is proactively done.


Next time we see such a scene at a traffic post near our area, we know that we won’t give money/food to the beggar but click a pic and reach out to the cops so the little life can be saved. Kudos to Kanojia and his team for teaching us the same.

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