They kept saying that looks don’t matter in each and every interview. But advertisements always spoke a different story.

‘How to decrease pimples”, “how to remove scars”, “how to look younger” and most importantly “Fairer”

What’s wrong in being brown skinned?? We the blind fans never questioned. But kept spending bucks on several substandard products to improve our looks.

We get soo angry when few bollywood beauties get bullied for Indian skin tone at international levels. Even bollywood only looks at it with eyes down. And we were not able to catch it yet !

Finally, Abhay Deol makes some sense as he awakens the audience with his powerful words!

In a series of facebook posts, Deol bashed almost every celebrity who is endorsing these beauty products. A lot of fans may disagree over Abhay’s stand on the issue but deep down we all know that the celebrities who endorse these so-called “beauty and fairness products” are influential and they are responsible for the false impression that these products gives us with their photoshopped images. It’s good to see that someone from the industry has finally spoken against the hypocrisy of our actors.

Check out the series of facebook posts

Starting with Shahrukh , Abhay wrote

“And the King Khan himself asking you-

(Translated)- “Being a man why are you are still using a women’s FAIRNESS cream!?”

He’s clearly trying to make you a man, becoming whiter in the process is just a side effect.”

 One of the most influential actress

A brand that is blamed for racism in Indian society

He also took a dig at the artificial standards of beauty set by these brands

No , they have different beauty standards for different country,

Read the caption of the brand

Cashing around our insecurity

Aptly put by Abhay

Thank them because they have made your work easier by setting an ideal standard of beauty

Abhay wrote,

Silly Nandita trying to teach us that Black is also beautiful. Doesn’t she know that we already know that? Why else would we be so accepting of people from the south*?

What’s that? She’s from Orissa? Can we include that in the southern belt of states?

Cause I really want to believe in my bullshit.
*in reference to a comment made by a politician on TV

Finally, he concluded

We really appreciate you Abhay for taking the much needed and bold stand against your own industry, hope it talks some sense into the brands and those who endorse them!

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