Bihar: About 175 police personnel, half of them being women, have been dismissed from their duties due to creating a havoc at New Police Lines premises in Lodipur, Patna, post a colleague’s death due to ill health.

The agitators claim that Savita Pathak, 22-year-old police officer, was forced to come for duty despite her sickness. The senior officials did not let her take medical leave and hence when the situation went out of control, she was affected by dengue and couldn’t get herself medical help on time.

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According to sources, the perpetrators of violence tried to lynch DSP Mashluddin for denying Savita to take permission for medical leave. The agitation began on Friday, four hours after the demise of their female colleague, Savita.

Around 400 trainee constables were involved in the riot and made an attempt to attack senior officials and even manhandled some. SP (Central) D Amarkesh, SP(East) Rajendra Kumar Bheel, and SP(Rural) Anand Kumar, who had just arrived at police lines to control the situation were manhandled. The bodyguards of Kumar had to open fire in the air to protect him.

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Inspector General of Police, Patna Zone, Naiyar Hassan Khan said that upon investigating the matter, they actually found that Savita was ill and she shouldn’t have been asked to come and report to duty. However, Khan also blames the medical officer of the Police hospital for his lack of concern for the deceased officer’s ill-health. He recommends for some serious action to be taken against him too.

F.I.R has been filed against the agitators by DSP Mohammed Mashluddin. Mashluddin claims that he is not responsible for the death of the policewoman and that all the allegations by the agitators are false. In return, the F.I.R has been lodged for all the destruction, ill-treatment and the assault by the mob on him and his family members.

According to The Indian Express, IGP Khan denied the allegations thrown on the DSP by the agitators. He said, “We suspect that the agitators were instigated by some disgruntled personnel, against whom the officer might have taken action in the past”.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asked the Director General of Police (DGP) K S Dwivedi for a detailed report on the matter.

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